Journeys of transition and transcendence

Namaste, I’m Shari

Identity Coaching: Transition, transformation and transcendence.

My journey to this point has been rich and varied, I have spent a lot of time in higher education, teaching in university business schools, but also in my own business as a therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, and for a while, back in the day, I was a childbirth educator.

During my academic career my research focused on identity in the workplace; what happens to your work identity when you change roles? How do we come to adopt or develop a professional identity? Why is identity important to leadership?

This theoretical understanding comes together with a practice in yoga and Buddhist teachings around the self and no self, emptiness, impermanence and an understanding of identity as the extent to which you are aligned with your dharma, your authentic path. I also draw on the work of psychoanalysts such as Jung, great thinkers such as Viktor Frankl, and existentialists from the disciplines of both psychology and philosophy.

As an individual, identity coaching might be right for you if you are consciously working on an identity transition, in your personal and/or professional life. These transitions come in so many forms at various times in our lives. The experience can be disorienting, destabilizing and it’s hard to know who to talk to or what you even really need to say.

As a team or organisation, identity coaching will enable positive, sustainable culture change. By surfacing assumptions around leadership, norms and expectations, ways of communicating and the meaning and purpose of power, teams and organisations can begin to intentionally shape culture and re-image the way people work and create value together.

My intention is always to be of service, to enable and empower, and to believe in you and your authentic self. I will hold a space for you to explore and experiment, a safe container for insight to surface. I will support and guide you in developing awareness of your own consciousness (individual and collective), so that you are able to believe in yourself.

Shari shares short videos on managing and leading in a chaotic and complex world.

How May I Help You?

Shari works with individuals, established and emerging community and business leaders, and teams and organisations to understand their key strengths and how to leverage them, how to influence mindset shift, how to generate momentum for positive, intentional change, and how to design and implement system wide transformation through the principles of human-centric design.

Individual coaching

I take a relational approach to coaching in that I believe the quality of our relationship is the foundation of an effective coaching engagement. I am informed by a human-centered approach to leadership and change, my intention is always to meet people where they are at and understand their needs from a place of empathy. Sessions can be virtual or face-to-face.

Workshops and Seminars

I work with your team or organisation to design and develop immersive, engaging, transformative learning experiences using approaches such as Design Thinking, Serious Play, Identity Work and Group Coaching Processes. While all programs are tailored to your needs there are existing protocols to choose from if you are unsure of where to start. Virtual or face-to-face.

Change and Transformation Education

Wherever your organisation is at in the transformation journey, if you are stuck, unable to establish momentum, experiencing widespread change fatigue or needing a major shift in culture and leadership, Dr Read and the MettaWorks team will work with you to design and deliver a custom education program to meet your current, as well as future, needs.


Shari is the current Education and Strategic Alliances contact for the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association
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